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Archaeology Outreach Youth Program

Archaeology, Can You Dig It? is an excellent, entirely mobile, and educational
archaeological outreach program aimed at school-age children and young adults. Yes, we come

to you and set up your space for hands-on learning!

Founded in 2009 and based in Columbus, Ohio, Archaeology, Can You Dig It? brings top-notch
educational programs about archaeology, anthropology, and STEM topics to students and
learners of all ages. We have developed a range of engaging programs that are both exciting
and educational! Kids can learn about concepts like stratigraphy and garbology, take part in
hands-on lessons about burial pits, focus on archaeological lab work like reassembling broken
pots, participate in real archaeological digs, and gain knowledge about chemistry concepts

during impressive experiments, just to name a few—it's all here!

Our programs can be tailored to any group, setting, and time requirement. We've worked
indoors, outdoors, in person, and virtually; we've presented one-hour programs to small groups
and completed days-long, multiple-grade programs while in residence at schools. We love to
work with our clients to develop the perfect programs for their needs. The minimum number of
participants per program is 15, and the maximum for one session is 30. Class duration ranges
from 1-3 hours with a one-day option, one-week option, or two-week option. We want to keep
families safe so we are now offering some of our activities through Zoom meetings due

to COVID-19. Call us today to find out more!

The primary purpose of this educational program is to raise awareness of the importance of
remembering the past and creating a desire to pursue the scientific fields of archaeology and
anthropology. Archaeology, Can You Dig It? offers students an interesting opportunity to learn
how the past affects modern culture and how history generally repeats itself. ACYDI is an

excellent STEM-based program!

Columbus, OH, USA

(614) 530-9678

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Personalized. Friendly. Quality Education.

Why Did I Develop This Program?

My name is Jeff White and I have over 15 years of experience working as an archaeologist. I have worked on over 50 projects, located in 16 different states. I graduated from the University of West Florida with a B.A. in Anthropology/Archaeology.

I have developed this program to share knowledge and promote understanding of the field of archaeology to today's youth.

Archaeology is beneficial in the STEM fields as well as history. My program incorporates these disciplines with real-life experiences.

"We got to have real hands on archaeology experiences at Blue Limestone Park. Also, we explored the caverns. I learned so much about archaeology. I learned how to shovel shave and how to record what we found. I would change NOTHING about the class."

ACYDI Student


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